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Drona that filming underwater!

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PowerRay Power Vision: A drone that utilizes sonar technology for tracking down under-water fish & capture it in 4K

The PowerRay Power Vision  is an underwater drone intended to lure the fish in real time. The drone is well-equipped to capture pics & track freshwater, as well as salt water fishes.

Launched at this years CES event, the drone utilizes sonar rays along with fish luring lightings for attracting fish that can be up-to thirty meters under-water.

In addition, the drone also uses its fish finder feature for filming the fish in 4K resolution. The drone features a Wi-Fi connection that enables the user to beam images as well as videos captured on its in-built camera straight towards their smart-phone device through its dedicated application (available for both Android as well as iOS).

So as to enable more breathtaking experience, the device provides a 1st person view experience once you are connected to the Power-Vision VR goggle. Through its gesture recognition technology and gravity, you can control and interact with the device just by tilting your head.

Author: Kapil

source photo: pinterest


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