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Easy recipes for summer

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Summer is now in its final phases and it is important to enjoy summer with some light and fresh summer recipes that simply appeal to the palette and make you full.

B.B.Q. Shrimp Po’ Boy:

The staple summer food anywhere in the world is barbeque! People just love to get the grill out and get barbequing some delicious baby back ribs or in this case, some lovely and fresh shrimp. Here is how you can make your very own Barbeque Shrimp Po’ Boy Sandwich right at home.

First of all you need to prepare your shrimp. Get some nice and fresh shrimps and leave them on some paper towel to dry while you prepare the marinate. In a dish, drizzle some olive oil; add some freshly chopped tarragon, the juice of half a lime, lemon rind and seasoning to your choice. You can add any seasonings you like. Once marinated in the mixture, grill the shrimp for three to five minutes on each side till done.

Take a sour dough bread roll that is crispy on the outside and toast it. Add in the shrimp, top off with some cut lettuce, radish and peppers. Lastly, prepare your sauce. In a cup of mayonnaise, add two cloves of fleshly minced garlic, freshly cut basil leaves and seasonings of your choice. Drizzle this luxurious sauce over the sandwich and there you have.

Summer Pasta Salad:

Pasta is often served hot as a main course meal but in summer, it is the ideal staple to create cold salads to beat off the summer heat. Boil some pasta (any kind that you prefer) and cook it until al dente. Once cooled, chop some vegetable of your choice and add to the pasta. Finely chop vegetable like tomatoes, carrots, salary and bell peppers. Then add in half a cup of mayonnaise, a teaspoon of garlic powder, a teaspoon of onion powder, some Italian seasoning or Italian sauce. Mix it all up, taste it and then add salt and pepper to your liking. Once done, leave it in the fridge from two hours to overnight to get chilled. Serve cold during a hot summer day to please your family and friends with this simple yet tasty recipe.

Avocado Panini:

Now this one of the easiest and one of the tastiest summer foods imaginable. Perfect as breakfast, snack between meals or a week day lunch, the Avocado Panini wins the contest of best summer foods. All you need is avocado, your favorite type of cheese and some thick crust bread and a little bit of butter. A Panini press is optional. Take two slices of bread and butter them up both ways, now take the pulp of half an avocado and arrange it flatly on the bread. It doesn’t need to be mashed, but cut. Now sprinkle on some salt and pepper and add on some cheese slices of your preference. Mozzarella or Swiss cheese is the best choice here. Then top it off with the other slice of bread and put it in a Panini press. If you don’t have one, then just make it one the pan like you would a normal grilled cheese. And there you have it!

Author: Adam Fiaz – USA

Source foto:  dynamichealthnow

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