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Educate mothers help improve society!

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Society is made by people and people think differently. The way the people think majorly depends upon the ways that have been used for their upbringing. Mothers are the one who are responsible for nourishment and the development of a kid. An educated mother is definitely a positive because education helps in all sections of life. A famous quote states “Behind every successful man there is a women”. That is true and most of the people regard their mother as the women responsible for their success. If mothers are to be appreciated for the success and the good development of the kid then mothers are the one that should be blamed when their kids are unsuccessful, cruel or hyperactive.

When we state that mothers lap is the first place where a kid starts to learn then we must not forget the fact that people who commit crimes, rape girls and do all sorts of bad things have also once been in their mother’s lap and their mother was not capable to make them learn good. Although mothers are one personality in the world that should be and is respected everywhere despite of cultural, religious and other differences. But we can avoid the fact that mothers play an important role in upbringing the kids that become suicide bomber, murderers and rapists.

Educated mothers play a significant role in development and nourishment of kids. We should educate mothers to educate their kids love, humanity, friendship, caring, sympathy, helping, generosity and gratitude. One aspect that we ignore continuously is that our mothers are not educated enough or they are not educated the right way. This is the root cause of all the negativities in the society. We should take education seriously. The world is in dire need of good mothers who could nourish and develop people that play a significant part in building a happy and a healthy society. Society is built by you and me, our kids and their kids. If we are not going to ensure that our kids and their kids are brought up in a way that they are respected and pointed out as a good role model then our society is never going to become better. Since a kid spends most of the time with his mother thus it is extremely important that mothers are well educated and they are aware of the things that need to be taught at an early age. The habits that are taught in early age remain with the person even when he grows up.

Mothers have the power to play a significant role in bringing in peace and making a better society. One of the major cause of the war on terrorism is the lack of education of mothers. Napoleon the famous leader said that “You give me educated mothers and I will educated society”. That states the importance of education in developing a good and a healthy society.  Only mothers can take the charge of bringing a change in society through their unconditional love towards their children and a firm attitude towards the negation of terrorist activities

Author: Muniba Mazar – Pakistan

sourcephoto: pinterest


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