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Education system is lacking in Canada!

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Theres no question that the education system in Canada is different from province to province.  From one end of the country to the other, children experience different ways of thinking and learning that change them into different people year by year.  While this is not a bad thing, in theory, it does make the education system at a post-secondary level really hard and frustrating for a lot of students who switch provinces in order to go to a school that better accommodates their area of study.  As this happens more and more often, there are many who think the education system should be changed to make sure that everyone gets the same base level so that post-secondary learning isn as tricky.

First of all, there is the idea that each prince in ranked in order of its education system.  The province with the worst education system has students that can go to any other province in Canada to study at post-secondary institutions without any kind of warning that the system is more challenging or competitive, etc.  For children who are studying in one of the provinces that has a slower education system, going to one with a fast paced system that is meant to challenge you can be a really big adjustment.  Such a big adjustment, in fact, that more and more signatures are being added to make sure that the government knows that many are feeling outrage at the huge leap between provinces.

They argue that our future cannot be controlled by a government and leadership made up of children from province 1 and province if their education systems are as drastically different as they are now.  How can everyone have an equal chance at proving themselves worthy of being in control of this fantastic country if they don all have the same upbringing that makes the option possible?  All children should get equal education so that their personal backgrounds are the only thing that separates them from each other.

By putting a Canada wide education system in place, children all have the best oppourtunities to study anywhere in the country they want and do well with whatever job they choose in the future.  Having one education system will not make Canadian children robots or drones, theyll be individuals who are well-educated and motivated to create a better country for the future generations.  Theyll feel empowered by the fact that their thoughts aren mowed down by those who have faster working brains than theirs.

By considering the option of a wide education plan, children all have the right to build a better future for themselves in the years to come.  The sooner that is put into place, the more children that are able to see the fantastic benefits that this will put into place.  However you see the issue, whatever side you e on, you have to agree that children are the future of the world and need to be inspired carefully to reach their full potential.

Author: Kay – Canada

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