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Is this the end of Angela Merkel’s career?

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Angela Merkel: Is she soon going too be umemployed?
Angela Merkel – hardly any other person advocated the rush of migrants into Germany as strongly as she did. As she declared, that no Syrian will not get an asylum status in Germany, millions of people from all ethnicities in the third world decided to go and try their luck in Germany. As they came here, she enjoyed a highly positive attitude, but slowly but surely the opinion about the migration from the Middle East to Germany of the general public changed. Public harassments of women, rapes, murders and other crimes commit by thousands of immigrants, who came here thanks to her changed the opinion of the general public.

It’s totally clear, she is not as popular as she used to be a few years ago. She does not enjoy the positive press like she used to be and she doesn’t get celebrated by Germans anymore. Her polls significantly dropped and her party – the CDU – got very unpopular. The question now is, is she going to win the next election, or was this her last term as the president of Germany? Let’s take a closer look at how her popularity rise and decreased over the last couple of years.

Together with the SPD, she agreed on eight Euro fifty and promised a couple of other improvements in the social security system of Germany. Her popularity rose as she declared this. The next bigger move was already the migrant crisis and her statements to that – publicly in TV she declared that no Syrian will not be able to enter Germany, back in the day the civil war was just about to begin and tens of thousands of people had no jobs or not even a normal household anymore. As she was giving this promise, people in other countries, for example in Afghanistan and Iraque saw the opportunity to come here and start a new life here.

Thanks to smugglers, who promised them the “best of the best” here in Germany, thousands and soon millions followed Angela Merkel’s call and often spent their last money to get into a smuggle boat and drive across the ocean. Nevertheless, once arrived in Germany, they enjoy relatively good conditions as they live in free housings and get food and often German lessons for free, sometimes even though they do have still money.

But as mentioned – rapes, murders and thousands of crimes commit by refugees turned against Angela Merkel and lead to a backlash. We now have to wonder about how the more conservative AfD is going to develop – she might take away many of the votes that would have been placed in favor of the CDU. Let’s see how this is going to develop in the future.

The AfD and the ongoing migrant crisis are currently Merkel’s biggest problems. She is however not benefitting from the softened way of speaking to her coalition partner, who is Sigmar Gabriel and the SPD. They both don’t really confront each other with the real problems but harder discuss in a way to friendly and nice way to be taken seriously for many people.

I believe that Angela Merkel crucially has to take action when she really wants to change her popularity – she is now seriously in danger of losing her job to the AfD, who is approaching the rather more conservative parts of the CDU. Conservatism and their loss of the “right way” is something that bothers lots of people, as they now changed into something much more liberal than they used to be and even define themselves as not conservative anymore. Many people see in that a betray of the “Christian values” of her party, which she totally forgot, according to these voices.

No matter how we look at the topic, we have to admit that she has done her job fairly well until a few years, when she decided to let in millions of immigrants unscreened and without any kind of background check. If she is going to continue doing it this way, she is ultimately going to lose her job and her party will tremendously lose power within the next years.

Besides that, she definitely has to give her party a newer, younger and fresher face, which also represents the youth and not just people over forty or fifty. Once she does that, for example by putting younger ministers into places, she will ultimately gain sympathy of the broad people again and there are good chances for her to win again – as long as she also significantly changes things in the migrant crisis. If things are going on like that, and people are still afraid of getting harassed in public places, she will not be in sympathy of the broad masses, no matter how hard she tries to cover that up by placing advertising campaigns and other things. Let’s see how things go, but this is my conclusion as I have watched her statements and the polls of Angela Merkel, the CDU and the new AfD party.

Without Angela Merkel, people internationally would think different about Germany for sure, as she is now the new icon of migration worldwide – in the positive and in the negative way. Without Merkel, things might change drastically, no matter if that’s good or bad. She surely influenced this country and Europe in general, let’s see if she is going to do that in the future too.

Author: Lukas – Austria

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