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Eurovizion 2016!

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The Eurovision Song Contest is an annual contest in Europe. Eurovision is also a competition involving European countries in the field of entertainment. Eurovision is also called olympics in the field of pop music. The contest is a determination of the best songs of the year in Europe. The contest was first held in Lugano, Switzerland in 1956. The participants were members European Broadcasting Union (EBU) enabled. Each country sends a song that has not been previously published and are less than 3 minutes. Each country can judge songs not a song contest origin of the country of origin.

Eurovision contest is also a non-sporting event most watched in the world. Eurovision contest Attendance ranged from 100 to 600 million people. Every year, the number of spectators Eurovision contest is increasing in countries around the world. Eurovision contests typically aired on national TV stations that are members of the EBU. In addition to television, Eurovision is also posted on the Internet via streaming. The number of viewers on the Internet also increased since aired over the Internet was launched in 2000. Through the Internet, the contest Eurovision is also known outside of Europe, such as in Australia. Each country sends a new song for the contest. The song must be new and have never been published before.

Author: Pieter Djatmiko – Indonesia

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