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Fast 8 and Dunkirk!

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Best Worldwide Movies for 2017: Part 4

Mar 10: T2 Trainspotting

Expectations were quite high for the sequel the moment it was first released to public, however once the trailer was made open to audience, it deteriorated the mood to a small extent. Possibly 30 years actually is a long time among the movies, in spite the cast members getting back to their previous lovable characters from the 1996 movie.

Apr. 14: Fast 8

Never under rate the plead of the Fast & Furious production. The 8th installment of this series will feature the same old cast with a few new appearences for this run across the race track, which includes Scott Eastwood, Helen Mirren & Charlize Theron.

Apr. 28: The Circle

The trailer of the Circle makes it seem like a great movie. Starring Tom Hanks & Emma Watson, a young lady get appointed at a strong tech firm known as The Circle, here the lady ends-up falling for one strange guy & realizes there is a price that must be paid knowing too much.

Jul. 21: Dunkirk

In what might turn out to be an epic war movie, Dunkirk takes a very close look at among the most fiercest encounter of the Second World War. The film has juggernaut cast crew which includes Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy, Harry Styles, Mark Rylance, & Kenneth Branagh.

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