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The fastest robot in the world!

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A New Robot Solves Rubik’s Cube within 637ms

Sub1 Reloaded, a new robot is able to solve a Rubik’s Cube under 637ms – which is considerably less as compared to the quickest human time of around 4.9sec. The robot, created by Infineon, a self-driving chip maker utilizes 6 motors so as to turn & twist the cubical after the other computer scans it for solving the puzzle virtually.

The fact is, Sub 1 Reloaded is so quick that you could hardly see the sides it’s moving.

The Robot is truly a proof of concept for showing off the self-driving vehicle chips by Infineon which are able to process the data at 200 Mhz in in real time. The speeds of the CPU are upping at a significant rate.

The Sub 1 is most likely to win the Guinness World Record for the quickest solution of the Rubik’s Cube. The sad part is that this piece of machinery is able to only solve a 3 Dimensional puzzle, however it’ll be hardly able to really realize the pride of achievement.

Author: Kapil

sourcephoto: pinterest



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