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In the fight against ISIS, the US has killed over 100 civilians!

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United States has claimed to kill 119 civilians in Iraq and Syria since their operation against the Islamic State started mainly in 2014, authorities said Wednesday 9th November.

Each and every time, US army followed the prescribed procedure and fulfilled the parameters required in the project and no violation was done in terms of human rights and no armed violation was done.

“Significant precautionary measures were taken, despite this unfortunate overall result,” said Col. John J. Thomas, a spokesperson for US Central Command, which keep an eye on American military operations in both war effected countries and in the Middle East.

“In every case we have presumed that people may have been effected from our airstrikes on militants. We have even tried to count on the score of people who are effected by the attacks but when the resources are not confirmed and when the death toll is not rounded, we have assumed the worst case of death toll in this case”. Summarized Col. John J. Thomas.

This summer, human and social rights activists have accused US army in killing of several citizens over the operations which were held against the ISIS whereas, the central commands puts on investigating methods every time an allegations makes it way towards them

As a reply US authorities did investigation on alleged cases, the military investigated 257 allegations of civilian casualties and declared 31 of them credible, according to military authority officials.

According to information which was made public Wednesday, there were approximately more or less 2 dozen airstrikes last year that caused loss of civilians lives. In June, there were six casualties, the highest toll among the other months. On June 15, a strike near Kisik, Iraq, on an Islamic State arsenal storage facility has thought to have killed at least six civilians, military officials said. On same day, a strike near Mosul, Iraq, injured two people and it was stated that they entered target area after the aircraft released its weapon. according to the review.

American military commanders have said that as forces move closer to the most populated areas in Iraq and Syria controlled by the Islamic State, there are likely to be more civilian casualties as Islamic states are using humans as their shields as forces are hitting them hard in their majority areas. There are also getting soft targets there so forces have to keep in check both of these factors while keeping civilians away from any danger. The commanders also said that Islamic State fighters had increased their use of so-called human shields to avoid being struck as they fled.

“It’s a key aspect of the counter-ISIL air campaign that we do not want to add to the tragedy of the situation by imposing additional suffering,” Colonel Thomas said. “Sometimes, civilians face the consequences of military actions, but we do all we can to make those incidents in control even at the cost of sometimes missing the chance to strike correct targets in real time.”

Author: Sadaf

sourcephoto: telegraph uk


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