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Football coach furious !

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Hello Jamaica Urban Legend here with another report on my island Jamaica!! Miguel Coley, head coach of Jamaicas Under-23 football team, which crashed out of the Rio Summer Olympic Games 2016 following their third-place finish in the Caribbean Football Union Mens Under-23 Championship here over the weekend, is appealing to local coaches to educate players on the fundamentals of the game.

“I want to appeal to all the coaches within our country that we need to start working on the players more tactically in terms of them understanding the game more, because when they come to this level they don have it and it is very difficult in a couple days to correct that, not to mention going on the football field and not concentrating and not having that base, it is very difficult,” bemoaned Coley, as he reflected on the failed championship.

“We have to continue working with them and working on that, not only at this level, but all the levels in the national programme and all the levels of football within the country,” noted Coley.

“Im very disappointed, especially being the assistant coach of the national senior team, and after what the senior team had done, I think it would have been a driving force in terms of the attitude, even more than talent because you can do anything about talent on the day if you don have it already, but in terms of even the attitude, the team spirit, because you want that to transcend to all levels of the football and that is something that we really have to work on.”

“At this point I can even fathom what happened because at no level at all you expect a player to be on the post and jumping over a ball that ends up in your goal, but as a coach you live and you learn and you have to really understand that there are a lot of surprises within coaching, to be honest, but you just have to continue working really hard, and working at their mental aspect because I think thats where they are falling short.

“We managed to score a goal in extra time which probably just gave us a little bit of pride, but we have to do better, and I am the coach and whatever happens I have to stand up and say it is my team, but at least the players have to challenge themselves now within their clubs and within their schools to really work hard on their game.”

“Their concentration levels are really poor, the fitness levels are also poor, those are some of the areas we need to work on. You can take five days with a team to do that, and I say no fault of the JFF or anybody at all, it is just that players have to start taking responsibility for themselves and understand that they will one day represent the country, and start developing that pride and that passion that I want them to play with.”

Author: Ricardo – Jamaica

Source foto:  jamaicaobserver


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