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Football in Cuba

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Hola!! How are you? I hope you are doing well and feeling fine today, I know I am!! Anyway let’s take a look at our lovely neighbors Cuba. Now when you think about Cuba, you often think Fidel Castro, Raul Castro or even baseball, but here is one sport that Cuba is trying to succeed in…Football!! That’s right; Cuba is trying to succeed in the beautiful game, and hope to do in a competition called the Digicel Caribbean Cup 2014, an all Caribbean Football Tournament, that brings the best out of all Caribbean Teams like Jamaica, Martinique, Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti, Curacao, Guadeloupe, Antigua and Barbuda and of course Cuba, the country that is hosting this tournament is none other than the black, green and gold Jamaica. Now here is a nice fact, Cuba is currently the defending champions!! Yes indeed, they had won the Cup and have every intention of defending it and keeping it. Should they win again, they will also qualify for the CONCACAF Gold Cup, an elite tournament, where powerhouse country Mexico stamps their class. Cuba will certainly look forward to that and by winning this tournament; they can stamp their class too.

Cuban football unfortunately is not very popular, it is simply does not have the history and the prestige of baseball. In spite of this the Cuban Government is doing its best in making football just as popular as baseball, by doing so they can compete internationally. The country has never qualified for the World Cup, a tournament that take place every four years, such a tournament will really give them the spotlight and exposure to showcase the good amount of talent that they have at their disposal. The country actually has a national league, a league containing ten teams, all whom compete to see who will the best team in Cuba.

In 2012, Cuba won the tournament and lifted the Caribbean Cup; this resulted from the organization and the thoroughness in preparation from the coaching staff, although big name teams like Jamaica or Trinidad and Tobago were present in that tournament, they did not let that faze them and they continued to press for the prize and ultimately they were rewarded. So now, they hope to repeat this feat all over again, sure they didn’t get off to the best start by drawing 1-1 with French Guiana, but they dusted themselves off by defeating Curacao 3-2 in a thrilling game. By winning that game they have set themselves up for a chance at success yet again, the key is to now defeat Trinidad and Tobago to advance out of the group stages and into the quarter-finals to face whoever wins in the other group. Although I am a Jamaican and I am in support of my team, I wish Cuba all the very best and I hope that it all works out for them, while I want my country to do well, I must extend my respect and some support to my neighbor.

Author: Ricardo – Jamaica

source foto: pinterest


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