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Formations broach, Venezuela’s secret!

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The Tepuis: The Venezuela hidden secret.

Venezuela has a series of particularities that differentiate between nations of the world, like any other, but the truth is that little we know about one of its biggest treasures, no matter how much the fact how intertwined is the world’s highest water fall, that its located in this Latin-American nation, we refer to Angel’s Fall, which original name is Kerepakupai Vena, what almost nobody notice, at least the ones who visit it, is the natural wall that serves as a background of this waterfall.

We are talking about some kind of plateau particularly abrupt, whose walls are so vertical and their top almost always flat, the name of this rocky formations is Tepui and they are in a pretty ancient graphic location known as Guiana Shield, although it is distributed among several South American countries, the biggest part of the Tepuis are in Venezuela.

Its characteristics

They are most of it in Guianan savanna and they are mainly composed of sandstones and quartzites and are the most ancient exposed rock formations in the world, its appearance is dated in the Precambrian about two to four million years ago and in them u can see some evidence of geological evolution of the earth.

They are impressive and dominate the horizon, Tepui word comes from the Pemon language (some indigenous in the area) and it means “Dwelling of the gods” or just “Mountain”, they never form mountain ranges, in fact, they are quite lonely, so each represents itself a different and unique ecosystem, an adventure to discover.

They are separated, yes, but were together for quite some time and were part of a large shield that was eroded, although in some areas this process was less intense, leaving as a result these spectacular formations.

The most important ones.

Most of the Tepuis are in Venezuela, although there are in Brazil, Guyana and Colombia in less proportion, the two first countries share some of them, in fact the highest point in Brazil is Peak Da Neblina, a large part of it is in Venezuelan territory.

National Park Canaima: Venezuela has the sixth biggest national park in the world, have been declared UNESCO World Heritage among several points of attraction such as the jungle, their incredible waterfalls and rivers and the indigenous autochthonous communities amongst them there are 114 Tepuis, each more spectacular than the last one.

Inside this park there are two of the most visited Tepuis.

Mount Roraima, the highest of them has 2.810 meters above the sea, and its top is the easiest to reach in the park, has an area of 31km2 and its located between Venezuela (85%), Brazil (10%) and Guyana (5%)

The Auyantepui: its name means “Devils Mountain” so the tourist can get an idea of its magnitude and how overwhelming and intimidating can be in its presence, from its top over 2000 meters is Angels Fall.

Visiting this geographic formations and the park where most of them are located it’s an adventure, from the access starting with the city, until climbing to the top, the views, the landscape the place in general so nature and ancient worth the visit from the millions of tourists that goes every year, inspired by the adventure of knowing and living this natural wonders.

Author: Antor Jose – Venezuela

sourcephoto: pinterest


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