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How to Use Hyper Targeting for Marketing Your Business?

Although targeted promotion have been around for quite some time, it’s more crucial to make advertisements super specific.

While browsing the internet, individuals leave a digital footmark which can be tracked by huge data mining structures. As a result, advertisers are able to profile almost everyone in terms of habits, demographics, and preferences today.

Choice Stream – based in Cambridge, Massachusetts has a special ad platform known as CRUNCH which utilizes predictive intelligence. This is the same technology which merchants like Zappos utilize for suggest various shoes to their consumers.

For demonstration purposes, Eric Bosco – COO, Choice Stream says one of their consumer is an antivirus software company & for hyper-target advertisements for this specific consumer, CRUNCH in addition to observing persons who’re shopping software online also observes persons who get legal self-help online & buy pizza online . The results achieved from such a hyper targeted segment were 5 times better as compared to when the company was merely using a single attribute.

He further says, “Such a type of activity shows how active users can be over the Internet. They are perhaps browsing way more content online, which exposes them to even more risks & viruses. Thus, they are very likely to require a software that can clean up their desktops.”

Author: Kapil

source foto : pinterest


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