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GoPix application that turns pictures into slideshows

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GoPix, an easy, fast and free slide show creator allows anybody to combine up to 9 still images inside a compact fifteen second photo sequence along with the music.

GoPix will allow the users to share and improve a small set of favorite images. You simply need to pick your effects, filters, themes & default music in order to create your personal work and share it wwith your family, friends as well as GoPix community.

You are also free to research your personal iTunes collection to add as a music if you do not wish to pick any of GoPix’s royalty free tunes. But, in case any of the tune is protected by copyright laws then, the application will not use it.

A few of the templates contain animated text, however majority simply offer you with very exciting slide animation and themses for adding extra flavor to the scene.

Through GoPix, you will be able to test out every single option prior to picking any one. In addition, you are offered with a number of stylish themes through the in app purchases at around $.99 cents for each theme.

After you’re done with your job, you’ll be able to share a 15 sec clip on Twitter, FB, and other social networking platforms.

Author: Kapil

source foto:  pinterest


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