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Hillary Clinton wins the democratic debate!

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Hillary Clinton clearly won the Democratic debate held last week and firmly established herself as the frontrunner in the US Presidential race. She was composed, confident and delivered a perfect performance. It’s suffices to say that she was completely dominant over her rivals in the Democratic primaries. The others – including Sen. Bernie Sanders, were not even in the race.

With Hillary doing so well, nobody really believes that there is any room at all for Vice President Joe Biden to join the presidential race. Also, Senator Sanders’ chances don’t look too bright either, considering his average performance in the debate. It is now clear that Hillary is under no danger whatsoever of losing her status as the frontrunner in the Democratic Party to Sen. Sanders.

Mrs. Clinton spoke about how she was consistent on every issue: “I have been very consistent. Over the course of my entire life, I have always fought for the same values and principles, but, like most human beings, including those of us who run for office, I do absorb new information. I do look at whats happening in the world.”

She said she was a true progressive, which she explained as this: “I know how to stand my ground, and I know how to find common ground”.

David Axelrod, masterminded President Barack Obamas victory 8 years ago said Hillary’s performance was impressive: “I think she did very very well. She was poised, she was passionate and I think she was in command”.

Others involved in the debate such as former Maryland Gov. Martin OMalley, former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb and former Rhode Island Gov. and Sen. Lincoln Chafee, were never in the race and were dwarfed by Mrs. Clinton.

Mrs. Clinton was tough on Bernie Sanders and attacked his positions on gun control. She said he was soft on the NRA: “This has gone on too long and it is time the entire country stand up against the NRA.”

But Sanders said that “all the shouting in the world is not going to do what I hope all of us want,” which was more restrictions on firearms.

He also hit back against charges that he was too much of a socialist: “In my view, Congress doesn regulate Wall Street, Wall Street regulates Congress”.

Mrs. Clinton spoke of her relationship with the President of the United States, Barack Obama, who was once her rival: “After the election (in 2008) he asked me to become secretary of state. He valued my judgment and I spent a lot of time with him in the Situation Room going over some very difficult issues.”

In her closing comments, Mrs. Clinton said why she has every right to be the next President of the United States: “I can think anything more outsider than electing the first woman president. I would not ask anyone to vote for me based on my last name. I am certainly not campaigning to become president because my last name is Clinton. I am campaigning because I think I have the right combination of what the country needs at this point and I think I can take the fight to the Republicans because we cannot afford a Republican to succeed Barack Obama as president of the United States.”

To be fair, this debate was nowhere as fiery as the Republican debate. Donald Trump tweeted that the Democratic candidates were “all very scripted and very rehearsed.”

Author: Raghav Hegde – India

Source foto: time.com


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