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Hottest underwater drones!

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Underwater Drones 2017

FiFish Atlantis Underwater Drone

This drone enables users to capture HD under-water films & send them back in real-time. The max water depth for regular usage of the device is 100M while the battery could last up to 2 hours at full charge.

When incorporated with a good quality camera, the device can be used for gathering images for AR as well as VR applications. The drone series can also function as an under-water operation system for industrial usage once it is equipped with ocean environment detection mechanism or robotic arms.

The developer of this device has received funds from Li Wanqiang, Xiaomi co-founder and Kaifu Lee, Chinese startup expert.


Being a portable underwater drone, the measurements of GLADIUS are 430* 260* 95 (mm) & it weighs no more than 3kg. The drone also features 2 in-built batteries that can last up to three to four hours on a single charge.

The Quattro thrusters form of this drone allows it to nimbly move in almost every direction at a speed of 2m/s or 4knots.

Author: Kapil

source photo: pinterest


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