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Huge fuel prices in Canada!

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As Canada starts to return to normal after the scary happenings in the beautiful and destroyed city of For McMurray, there is a trend growing in the western provinces, and that is the rising gas prices.  This rise is directly linked to the massive fire in Fort McMurray, as the oil sands had to be evacuated when the fire veered towards it, and there has been some oil that has been lost in the fire.  While there is still much to be had out there, the western prices are skyrocketing and there are some places that are totally going dry, including many mainstream PetroCanada gas stations.  While this shortage is as linked to problems around the world as it is to Fort McMurray, its still something that has Canadians worried.

While it has yet to reach the other provinces to the east of Canada, all of the experts in the business say it is simply a matter of time, as resources become slim and are slowing by the day.  Now everyone is wondering whether they will have to worry about their gas tanks each day, or whether it will simply moderate itself to meet the need that is out there by pulling in resources from other places like it has been doing in the past.

The fire that destroyed half of the city just last month has really impacted those out west, however, as Canadians realized just how much of the gas they put in their cars came from local areas.  With the shortage and the chaos surrounding this still recent event, its unclear when everything will be back up and running, meaning that there is a good chance that those living in the Western provinces are going to have to carefully guard their gas supply and make sure that they go to the stations that are still getting a steady stream.

PetroCanada stations are hoping to get their systems up and running shortly, but it has caused quite a lot of concern in those who are looking to vacation out that way.  After all, itd be a shame to get all the way out there only to find that they can go back due to a gas shortage.  There are sure to be a smaller amount of tourists frequenting these beautiful provinces this summer as a result, and many are wondering how that is going impact the tourism centre overall.

From coast to coast, Canadians are soon all going to experience a gas shortage, so many are going out and stockpiling their cars now while they still have the chance.  Longer lasting effects will include a huge spike gas prices and potentially some gas stations going entirely dry from time to time depending on how the market steadies itself in Canada as well as other places in the world.  A lot is shaky in the gas market right now and Canadians are waiting with bated breath to see the outcome for the summer season.

Author: Kay – Canada

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