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Human euthanasia legalized in Canada!

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Heavily discussed all over the world, doctor assisted death is making itself known in Canada as well.  Debates over whether it is cruel or not have been voiced over the past several years, but finally the Government has spoken out in favour of doctor assisted death for those who meet the many severe qualifications.  It is an issue that has sparked much debate in the news, both online and on television.  The two camps: for and against, have valid arguments for each side.

Firstly, those who argue against doctor assisted death.  They feel as though it is a cruel act, as doctors are meant to be around in order to keep people alive and improve their quality of life, not end it.  Doctors should not be able to work with the families as well as the sick patient to find out where that line is between painful living and gratifying death.  This line doesn exist, and someone is going to lose out in the end.  This will lead to lawsuits and heartbreak on all sides, not to mention that a family will lose someone close to them under pretenses.

They argue that when someone is in pain, they can think straight, so how can the tell their loved ones and doctors that theyve had enough in a clear and educated manner?  The answers is that they can , so the option of ending their own life shouldn be given to people who cannot see the end at the light of the tunnel for themselves.

On the other side, there are others who are arguing that doctor assisted death is a blessing for those in chronic pain.  They say that the qualifications for being eligible for doctor assisted death are so strict that only those who are ant the end of their lifespan, have crippling diseases that leave them in agonizing pain constantly that cannot be touched by medication will be able to have this reality for themselves.  There is no danger that someone who is not thinking straight will be able to die through a doctor, like those against the issue fear.   There is a lot of red tape surrounding the small, small group of people and doctors that are authorized for doctor assisted death, so there is no harm that can come from it.

Those fighting for the issue remind everyone else that those who are able to consider this option as a reality are doing so because they cannot get any relief from the pain they are feeling.  It is not a good quality of life for them, and they should have the power to decide when enough is enough.

While the legality is still being finalized and the rules being written up, Canadians continue to argue on both sides of this discussion so that both opinions can be heard.  To some, it is a cruel act.  To others, however, it is a blessing for a loved one that is in pain.

Author: Kay – Canada

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