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IKlips flash memory, up to 128 GB enter the iPhone!

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iKlips Flash Drive Allows iPhone Users to Add up to 128GB of

Additional Storage Space to Their Device

The advancements in the modern technological world still encounter a few drawbacks – namely, annoying physical space restrictions on devices like smart phones & tablets. Certainly, cloud storage benefits, however often times, there is hardly any substitute to physical media.

The iKlips Flash Drive is the latest arrival in the market that lets the user expand their iOS device capacity as well as easily transport the media between them. The flash drive can add 32 GB to 128 GB of additional space into your iOS gadgets once you connect it to the Lightning port of your device.

The drive also features a USB 3.0 port in addition to the Lightning connector at both the ends. For making the files accessible on you’re Apple device, just connect the drive to the desktop & you’re ready to transfer the data. The iKlips Flash Drive also comes with exFAT formatting that easily manages individual files that are 4 GB or more.

The free app allows you to manage and access the data present on your drive anytime you want. You are also able to stream the media content right from your drive.

Author: Kapil

sourcephoto: gizmag


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