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India complains after the engineer killed in US!

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STAFF REPORT: India has expressed massive and deep shock as one of its citizens got shot in a bar in United States in what seems to be racially motivated attack. According to reports, a gunman in Kansas shot an Indian engineer who was at bar with his friends. Reports indicated that before proceeding with fatally shooting the engineer, the gunman shouted “go back to your country”.

The Indian engineer identified as Srinavas was killed while his Indian friend Alok and an American friend sustained serious injuries during the attack.

The Indian media has ever since been in overdrive discussing the tragic event. Some of the blame has gone directly towards the racially discriminating policies that have become main stream with Trump administration. The others however are trying to point this out as a tragic isolated incidence – the likes of which are pretty common within India and have tried to lessen the impact of the situation.

Sunaina Dimala, wife of the deceased Indian engineer spoke to the American media and expressed her shock and sadness over the tragic event. She asked the American government to answer about the events that are being carried out right now to diffuse racial tensions at this time. She said that her husband was a calm and amazing person who had no interest in the global politics and just wanted to enjoy his life. Now he has lost his life, so the American government must answer what are they doing to prevent future such incidences. She went on to say that she has nothing to say to the mother of her husband, who lives in India and has no idea on how his son met his tragic fate.

Another event that Sunaina pointed out was that the gunmen was heard as saying that he had shot two Muslims today and was very proud of it. It is to be noted that both the injured Indians have nothing to do with Islam and were practicing Hindus – a religion completely and entirely different from Islam. T

The local police have captured the gunman and investigation is being carried out. Meanwhile a country and a mother mourn the loss of their son. A life wasted just because of different skin color.

Author: Zak Hades – Serbia

source photo: sbs


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