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Instagram quit chronological order!

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Instagram to Dump Chronological Order Soon

Essentially, the photo application will now act a bit more similar to its parent firm Facebook and organize the user’s feed based upon a program which determines what’s most applicable to you, rather than simply the most recent actions:

According to Instagram, this new change is as a result of a fairly astonishing stat: on average, Instagram users tend to miss out on 70% of their feeds. When the app uses a chronological order, users miss out on possibly interesting pics just because it takes a while to through all the pics in their feed.

Rather, the application will now order the individuals you are nearest to or the entertainers you are most interested in. Don’t worry though; every single pic will still be in your feed; it just won’t be in a chronological order.

The new change will roll out to all the Instagram users in the next 2-3 months.

Author: Kapil

sourcephoto: engadget


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