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Intelligent Buildings!

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Wink Hub: Intelligent Buildings Home Automation

In order to make the smart home devices less confusing & more accessible, Home-Depot has joined forces with Wink (owned by Quirky)  for creating a segment of various devices centralized at a specific location called as “The Wink Hub”.

All you need to do is install the hub, get a product certified by Wink then scan the barcode of your item for connecting it to your network of home devices.

After the connection has been made, you can operate all your devices using the Wink application. Besides, you could set up alerts, timers, shortcuts & different proximity settings. The application is available for iOS as well as Android devices & also is compatible with the Android Wear.

Also, since it does not require Ethernet, you can easily link it your home network.

The latest initiative by Wink can be compared with HomeKit, with the only exception being that Wink & Home Depot will offer a 24/7 assistance as well so as to fix possible issues.

For tech savvy persons, Wink hub along with its line of associated items might not be the most sensational stuff out there, however for an average customer who is searching for a home automation platform, this is a simple solution which is offered by familiar and trusted brands.

Author: Kapil

Source photo: inhabitat


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