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Iowa, the first state to decide the presidential candidates!

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Who will win Iowa? The votes are still being counted as I write this. As of now, it seems to be a nail biting contest. On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders by a mere 2% – 51% to 49%, which is as close as it gets. On the Republican side, it’s a much closer race with Sen. Ted Cruz leading with 28%, Donald Trump coming second at 25% and Sen. Marco Rubio coming third 22%.

Senator Cruz said last night to his supporters that it was time to stand up and get counted. He asked the people of Iowa for their support. He said, “The Iowa caucuses are five hours away. Tonight, 7 p.m. I want to ask every one of you to come out tonight at 7 p.m., caucus for us, stand for us, stand up and speak for us. If we stand together united, we will win. And I gotta tell you, this race right now, its neck-and-neck, its all about the turnout. This race is a statistical tie between me and Donald Trump.”

Donald Trump also thanked the people of Iowa for their support. He said, “This has been one of the most wonderful experiences I have ever been a part of. It’s crunch time, we’ve all worked very hard for this. I want to thank everybody for being here. Iowa is a great place. It’s a great state with just the most fantastic people. Win lose or draw, I love you folks all. This is where we start, this is day one.”

Meanwhile, Marco Rubio, who is coming at no. 3 in the polls made his case to evangelical voters in Iowa, who form a significant chunk of the Republican base. He said in a speech to Christian pastors in Iowa, “Our goal is eternity, the ability to live alongside our Creator for all time. To accept the free gift of salvation offered to us by Jesus Christ. The struggle on a daily basis as a Christian is to remind ourselves of this. The purpose of our life is to cooperate with God’s plan.”

“The Bible commands us to let our light shine on the world. Caucus for me on Monday night because if I am your nominee, I will unite this party and I will defeat Hillary Clinton, and when I’m president, America’s light will shine again,” Senator Rubio added.

Dr. Ben Carson is trying his best to stay relevant as well. The genial neurosurgeon is down in the polls right now, but his supporters are not losing hope as yet. His campaign manager, John Philip Souza IV said, “Do I think well win it? Probably not. But do I think we have a hell of a shot at second or third? Yes!”

Another member of Dr. Carson’s campaign staff said, “Our main goal is just to do as well as we can and to get as many of our supporters and the undecided out to vote for Dr. Carson. We just do anything we can do, and then we give it to the voters and to God on caucus day.”

Whatever happens, an exciting night is in prospect on Iowa and the results will most likely be out as you read this.

Author: Raghav Hegde – India

source photo: theglobalandmail


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