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iPhone 7 no longer lights up users!

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Some iPhone Devices Facing Strange Activation Lock Error

A weird malfunction is apparently prompting an Activation Lock on the recently launched iPhone 7 smart phones, with users finding their device already associated with the Apple email ID of other person.

MacRumors states more and more iPhone owners are reporting such issue. As a result, majority of them are not able to complete the setup & use the smart phone.

Although it is seen in recently purchased iPhone devices, users of the previous iPhone 6s as well as iPhone 6s Plus are reporting similar issues as well.

It is not clear, as of yet, whats resulting in a mix-up with Apple IDs. The company hasn’t commented on it.

As per MacRumors, certain affected users were able to resolve the problem by heading to their nearby Apple store & showing the purchase receipt. So, it is possible to remove the lock thru Apple’s support center or at the Genius Bar.

Irrespective of the cause, requiring to visit to Apple store to fix the glitch after waiting multiple weeks for getting the device does not live up to the experience Apple is known for.

Author: Kapil

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