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iPhone 7!

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1. iPhone 7: Brief Intro

Typically, people are quite charged up when it comes to a new iPhone, however the current year’s iPhone 7 launch triggered a controversy of the company’s decision to eliminate the head phone jack.

Although the latest iPhone-7 might not have the headphone jack, nonetheless Apple is truly looking to cushion the setback by adding a set of ear-pods featuring a Lightning connector. Also, they have added a 3.5 mm head phone dongle for making the device sound fine.

Everyone prefers a faster mobile, and each iPhone model has turned out to be faster than the previous one. As a result, the iPhone-7 is 2 times as fast as its previous model.

Also, according to Apple, the graphic performance of the current model is thrice as quick as iPhone-6’s.

Also, the camera of the iPhone 7 & 7-Plus is way better as compared to earlier models.

You can capture 7MP images using the wide color capture feature of the device. The displays come in wide color ranges for delivering more real life colors.

You now have 2 speakers – one on the front-side & the other at the bottom part of the device.

Other important features (in brief):

Water resistant

Capability to transfer the data 3 times as quick as the previous model.

The latest iPhone model in offered in 3 configurations – 32-GB, 128-GB & 256GB. Available colors include gold, silver, a matte black, a shiny black & rose gold.

Author: Kapil

sourcephoto: apple



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