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Iraq’s tragic history

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Iraq has gained importance in the world for quite some time now. Iraq os known as fertile in Arabic language has been surrounded with Arab countries has either been engaged in self-inflicted war of they are being ruled by foreigners against the native people will. Iraq’s situation was not heaven like in pre-Saddam and post-Saddam times. When British were in control of Iraq, They played mind games with people like Iraq was named as State of Iraq. British also established the king oriented environment where Hashmi also known as “Hashemite” family hailed Faisal I was made the king which was later driven by the French government due to the fact that he failed to serve as client and dictator to French government, British also realized the Sunni hold in the area and made the Sunni leaders the sole authority to select important positions serving the countries.

Failing to deliver In Iraq like in the sub-continent later, British declared Iraq as an independent state despite keeping its roots in the shape of its military bases back there. After one year of independence, King Faisal died and king ghazi was headed the throne. King Ghazi was died in 1939 while he was rattled by the military coups. Ghazi was followed by his son Abdullah whose period lasted only for 2 years when Rashid ali al-Gaylani form an alliance and thrashed his government. Soon after Rashid came into power Brits were feared by his potential intent of cutting oil supplies to the west and in a month time, British army with the help of their well-formed and loyal local forces threw Rashid out of the ruler ship. From 1958 to 1963, the era of military coups again came into play when gen. Abd al karim got power and was overthrown by Abdus Salam who was succeeded by his brother Abdur Rahman arif after his death. Abdur Rahman Arif was derailed by Ahmad Hassan Al-Bakr of Al-Ba’ath party. Here came the greatest moment in history of Iraq which will be remembered in not only Iraq but in the world history forever and that was the rise of Saddam Hussain as a Ruler.

Saddam Hussain was an army general who took over the power and later became the president of Iraq. Here series of events occurred. Iraq first invaded Iran after Iran Revolution in 1979 where hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives and no conclusion was drawn off the war. Later Saddam Hussain Invaded Kuwait where same devastating conclusion was drawn and Iraq also became a bad country in eyes of whole world for using chemical weapons. Saddam was later hanged to death when joint alliances troops invaded Iraq when they refused to disarm themselves despite UN resolutions. Later minor insurgencies began and Shia Sunni groups started fighting each other. In April 2014 Nori Al maliki started serving as a caretaker Prime minister who later stepped down in favor of Haider Al abadi to form new government in Iraq after UN troops passed bills to evacuate Iraq for Good sake

Author: Sadaf

sourcephoto: globalresearch


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