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Jamaica, problems with the players!

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Hello, folks, its Jamaica Urban Legend good to see for the New Year and I hope you made some great New Year’s Resolutions.

The problem of players who operate in the local club system coming to the national teams with sub-standard fitness levels has been an enduring one. In response to the crisis, there seems now a sense of urgency to deal with it in conjunction with the clubs.

“We did a fitness test on the first day of the camp just to gauge and get an understanding of where the players are from a fitness standpoint.

“So we did a yo-yo test to measure their endurance level. There were some encouraging scores in a group such as this. We found varying scores. We had some very poor ones and some really good scores,” he noted.

Waugh said he was not totally suprised at the varying levels of fitness, but more disappointed with the gaps.

“But when you look at the group itself without testing one could anticipate that there will be differences in fitness levels. There are some players here now on vacation just going back to pre-season. Some players are signed to new clubs and rejoining the leagues. We anticipated that we would have that mix in terms of the range of values recorded in the testing,” Waugh added.

We really want everybody to be on a certain level, an acceptable level. So definitely some work will have to done,”

Jamaica are preparing for two quickfire friendly games against the USA in Tennesse on February 3, then against Honduras in Texas on February 16, both encounters being used as part of preparations for the semi-finals of the Caribbean Cup and CONCACAF Gold Cup.

“One of the things that we are trying to do is capture this data so that we can effectively communicate with the clubs and make recommendations so when the players are not in our presence it means that they are on a path to improvement. It’s really the direction that we intend to go,” said Waugh.

Waugh, who coached at Portmore United and was recently the club’s technical director, said it’s a bit frustrating the fitness anomalies, but he refuses to be daunted.

“I think we are on a path now, a different one, and it’s for us to recognise where the shortfalls are and of course to put the requisite strategies in place to ensure that improvement takes place,” he explained.

“If we have not done so, it’s useless blaming the clubs. So one of the things we are really intent on doing now to facilitate better communication with the clubs and of course recommend ways in which players can improve outside of our presence,” said Waugh.

Former Boyz head coach, the German Winfried Schaefer, has gone on record numerous times to lament the poor fitness state of players coming from local leagues, and had long insisted that a programme be developed between the clubs and the national programme to deal with the matter.

Author: Ricardo – Jamaica

sourcephoto: bbc


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