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Kashmir, Pakistani heaven on earth!

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Azad Jammu Kashmir is the part of Kashmir that is within the Pakistani territory and the Maqbuza Kashmir part still remains within the Indian border while it was to be given to Pakistan long ago when the Sub-Continent was divided into two countries: India and Pakistan. Being a disputed territory, Azad Jammu Kashmir (the Pakistan side) is one of the most peaceful and safe places in Pakistan for international tourists to visit. While the entire Kashmir is paradise on Earth, the Azad Jammu Kashmir side has proven to be safer for tourists from across the globe. Here are four must-visit places in Azad Jammu Kashmir.

Mirpur City:

A city joined by a small suburbia dwelling in the hills of Azad Kashmir, Mirpur is the most developed city of Azad Kashmir. While it is the most developed, it is still far from a fully equipped and modernized city and that is what gives Mirpur its charm. It’s rustic developing into an urban jungle day by day. It is a city known for its wide streets with brick footpaths, the Mangla dam walking track, the beautiful sunsets and the amazing scenery. Many might assume otherwise, but Mirpur is one of the wealthiest cities of Azad Kashmir. With huge bungalows littering the suburbs, most of the citizens work and live abroad. Not too beautiful and not too grim, it is a depiction of real Pakistan.

Neelum Valley:

Known for the utopian mountains that surround the valley, the beautiful greenery and the river that flows through the valley, Neelum valley is a well-preserved area that shows one how beautiful nature truly is. It is completely peaceful and serene and is visited by many tourists every year. But since the road infrastructure is not apt enough and the area is a bit remote, it is still safe from littering and annihilation that mass tourism brings to such places.

Shounter Valley:

Utopian mountains surrounding the valley, snow-capped peaks and lots or greenery, what makes the Shounter Valley different from the rest of the beautiful valleys of Pakistan? It is the Chitta Katha Lake, situated high above sea level. The Shounter Valley is situated further ahead in the Neelum Valley and the Chitta Katha Lake is a geographical phenomenon that is perfectly preserved in its natural state. The name of the lake translates into “White Spring Lake” as it is stated that the lake has been created due to a mountain spring. The water has a clear color that reflects the sky. It almost looks like a giant opal stone encrusted in the ground because that is how pure the water is.

Lake Binjosa:

One of the more developed and easily reachable tourist spots of Azad Kashmir, Lake Binjosa and the surrounding valley are famous for its giant trees that spread over a wide area high above sea level. The valley has a hotel and restaurants for tourists that most valleys in Pakistan don’t have. But that doesn’t mean that the natural beauty of the valley has been compromised; far from it, the natural beauty of the valley is a spectacle. Situated a few hours’ drive away from Mirpur city, Lake Binjosa is an ideal spot for city locals to get away from city life and enjoy nature.

So, where will you go on your next vacation?

Author: Adam Fiaz – USA

source photo: pinterest



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