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Kidnappers of children, over 13 missing children in Pakistan!

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Pakistan – the case of missing children.

LAHORE: Pakistan’s Lahore – the capital city of the highly populated Punjab province located in the eastern side of the country has seen a shocking wave of child abduction (between the age of 8 to 15) that has left authorities with their heads scratching.

The crime wave of abduction started a couple of months ago, and steadily gained momentum until now. Such has been the scale and planning behind the activity that the authorities are left behind with their heads scratching. Initial reports were scattered and were considered as ransom activities however there was a serious pattern observed in the activities.

Over the past two months, at least 12 children have been reported missing while there is no exact scale of the count of people that have been abducted (a lot of the state figures come from official police reports filed by parents – the number could be higher as there is are large amount of undocumented families and street kids which live in the city.

The mystery remained out of the notice of major media outlets as it was considered as routine case of abductions for the sake of ransom. It was only considered as a different crime when no such ransom demands were made from the families of abducted children. A few reports later emerged that these kids were being abducted for harvesting human organs however no solid conclusions have been derived so far.

The stealth by which the crime is being committed and the extreme organization of the perpetrators has also made it difficult for the authorities who are being criticized by one and all for their gross negligence and ineptitude.

For now, the city remains under an air of fear where parents are extremely worried about the safety of their kids.

Author: Zak Hades – Serbia

source photo: cnn


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