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Music group in Japan have been many and scattered from time to time. However, to see who is the most famous in his own country, is not easy for the fans abroad. Moreover, in a few decades ago. Thats because in a couple of decades ago, is still very limited information and information technology was not as sophisticated as it is today. Of course, with the help of technology at the present time, the songs are filmed bands were very popular in Japan, can now be enjoyed by people from outside the State Sakura. Especially for listeners that curiosity is quite large. Apparently, the original Japanese musical tastes are very different from the existing Japanese music lovers all over the world. Thus, becomes very rare when a local Japanese bands can be very well known in the arena of world music scene. Established in 1991 in Osaka, the popularity of LArc-en-Ciel in the international entertainment industry is no longer in doubt. The band reached the peak of his fame in 1998 when the single is titled “Winter Falls” won first place in the Oricon charts. A year later, they released an album titled “Ark” and “Ray” are not only released in Japan, but also in the international world. Had experienced a hiatus from 2001 to 2003, LArc-en-Ciel making a comeback in 2004 by performing concerts around the United States. The concert was very beneficial in boosting their popularity, make LArc-en-Ciel become one of the best Japanese rock band of all time.

Author: Pieter Djatmiko – Indonesia

source foto: taringa


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