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Last upgrade to Instagram!

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Instagram’s latest update shows Facebook is truly obsessed with videos

Instagram unveiled it latest EXPLORE appearance, the attribute which allows the user to explore content from other creators. Within, you will see plenty of emphasis on video stations that allow user to discover videos on specific subjects.

At the beginning, you’ll encounter “Videos-You-Might-Like,” which is a curator program that accesses videos from the network as well as pinpoints some of the best offerings.

In addition, fresh to the Explore network are “Featured” stations. All these stations feature several videos on particular subjects, identical to the channel characteristic of YouTube.

Through both these attributes, the algorithm begins to suggest you content users might love based upon what they like. Simply tap “See-Fewer” to avoid posts that doesn’t interest you. This will also cast your vote against that particular post.

EXPLORE functions identical as always, however Facebook’s new found wish to challenge popular video sites such as YouTube & Periscope is making its way to other properties of the social giant.

The upgrade is available now, however just in America. Instagram guarantees to offer these upgrades to other parts of the globe “soon.”

Author: Kapil



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