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How to Make Money Quickly and Easily!

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Seriously, all of us could do with some extra cash in the pocket. So, how to make some quick money real fast? This depends on your individual circumstances, skill sets and time available, but here you will find 5 easy ways to earn some extra cash fast. Take advantage of them!

#1: Ask your boss for a raise!

Okay, most people are petrified about asking for a raise at work, but what if your boss says no? No big deal, he won’t sack you for asking for a raise as long as you ask it nicely enough. Plus, there is every chance that he will agree to your argument – so you have nothing to lose! Ask for a raise, that’s the easiest way to make more money.

#2: Change your job.

Okay, this is not exactly an easy way to make more money, but really, if you feel that you are stuck in a job where you are not given any importance and are very lowly paid, you have to quit and look elsewhere. Fortunately, the job market is improving across the world, so you will find a plenty of new opportunities.

#3: Be a part of the “Gig Economy”.

We have talked about the Gig Economy often on ZapperNews. Gig economy jobs involve short-term tasks done for people for quick money. There are many online platforms that connect people who are willing to do such work with those who need the work to be done. One example of such a platform is TaskRabbit, a website where you will get paid for running small errands for your clients. Simple things like helping them with the packing when they are moving their house, washing their car or taking their dog for a walk. Similarly, if you have a car, you can join Uber and offer rides to people and take them to their destination for some quick money.

#4: Sell old stuff on eBay and Craigslist.

Do you have old books that you don’t read anymore, or an iPhone 5S which you have discarded for your shiny new iPhone 7? You can make quick money by selling them on eBay or Craigslist. It is very easy to set up your account on eBay, and it is the same on Craigslist. These sites get a lot of traffic, so you will have to trouble finding buyers for your old stuff. Just be sure to present your items accurately – you should establish a reputation for yourself as a reliable and honest seller.

#5: Be a Virtual assistant

Anyone who is organized, has decent communication skills and has basic knowledge of using computers can become a virtual assistant. This is a good job where you can earn anything from $300 to $2,000 per month easily. As a virtual assistant you will be helping out your clients with their emails, setting up their appointments, doing research for them or even shopping for them. You should join sites such as VirtualAssistants.com and set up an account there for this.

Author: Raghav Hegde – India

sourcephoto: pinterest


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