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Make turn 2D drawings into 3D!

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uMake app can take 2 Dimensional sketches & transform them as 3 Dimensional models onto your iPad Pro

Rendering 3D sketches on your iPad device have never been so easy thanks to a new application called uMake which allows designers to draw 2D images onto an axis in order to render 3D pics out of them.

This application lets the user to revolve & extrude drawings for a recursive outcome, or rapidly manipulate an array style as well.

Obviously, the main objective will be the facility to create something in 2 Dimensional mode & make it spit off a 3 Dimensional rendering. After you have the sketch lines out, you could also skew or pull them in order to produce a desired outcome.

Since uMake won’t be able to do it all, it lets the user to export their drawings as PNG, OBJ & IGES.

Even though the application is free to use, but there are certain features which need you to have a premium subscription that costs around $14.99/month or $149.99/year. This is the introductory pricing. Once the launch is over, the price will rise to $19.99 & $199.99, correspondingly.

Author: Kapil

soure photo: pinterest


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