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Malala, a teenage girl!

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DESK REPORT: There are many kinds of people in our world. And being part of this world, we all know what these kinds are so I wouldn’t go on defining the types of people in detail. There is one kind however, one specific brilliant kind that stands unique from all the other types of people.

This is one where people stand in the face of adversity rather than shrinking. Think of all the greats that we have ever had – the human species is rife of tales of great warriors so you don’t have to think a lot – and all of them had one thing in common, they challenged the norms, they failed to bow down, they did something that no one thought was possible.

Socrates challenged the views of the people so much so that they abhorred him. Galileo went against the grain when he said that we aren’t the center of the universe and the earth is moving. Nelson Mandela fought for the rights of people at a time when such an act of bravery was considered impossible. They all had this, this burning desire to tell the world their views no matter what it cost them. They weren’t scared. They didn’t bow down to the pressure that they had to face. They stood firm; doing what they believe was right and were ultimately proven right.

Malala is akin to these people too. She is only 19, but there hasn’t been a teenager of late who has influenced the world as much as she has. Her story is of a resistance, a cause, a cause that to this day in her homeland hasn’t been fully accepted.

It is surprising to see that many of the detractors of Malala are the ordinary people of Pakistan. Delve into social media and you will see that there is a lot of hate against her. A lot of the Pakistani common people are still of the opinion that she is anything but a hero and that her story is just an exaggeration to tarnish the repute of Pakistan.

There was a storm when Malala made a twitter account. There are thousands of teenagers every day that make a twitter account, right, so it shouldn’t be a big deal? So what was to be expected when she made one and tweeted – hello, twitter.

The simple tweet was followed by a storm. Of all beings, Twitter replied for once saying welcome Malala, Bill Gates tweeted to Malala that she was a source of inspiration for him – yes, Bill Gates, the richest man on this very planet of ours. He tweeted to Malala, exactly this sentiment.

But there was also an immense backlash in Pakistan over that. There were countless of people who voiced their opinion on how much of an irrelevance she was and how she has been such a horrible figure for the country. It is to note that she is only the second Pakistani citizen ever to be honored by the prestigious Nobel Prize. In all the 70 yeas that Pakistan has existed, they have produced only two Nobel laureates and one of them is almost currently the most hated figure in Pakistan.

The girl however barely pays any attention to such rhetoric and that is why she continues to win the world over with her simple charm and dedication to a cause. A cause that has seen her become a global leader for millions of girls across the planet. Young girls who look up to her and see what can be achieved if we continue to believe in our own abilities and talents. These girls will eventually one day become their own person, but I hope that they will learn a lesson from Malala in terms of strength.

What is worth, Malala stands for equal opportunities for education for young girls. A chance to shine and a chance for them to become something. To me it is pretty obvious that her backstory is something that she has moved over from, she doesn’t care about the people who attacker her anymore, she doesn’t care about the fear that they tried to instill in her. All she does every day is create hope, the very thing that people who tried to silence her were against. The very thing that scared them so much that they attacked her.

The world has seen many great people, and it will see many great people in the future too, and Malala is leaving a great footprint for others to follow.

And that is why; there is almost no teenage girl in the world like her at the moment. She is Malala Yousufzai, a Nobel Laureate, a person who stood in the face of adversity, a champion, a beacon of hope. Remember the name; you’ll see the name mentioned at plenty of places in the future, doing some really great things.

Author: Zak Hades – Serbia

source photo: pinterest


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