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Mother’s Day in Pakistan!

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Mother’s day is a day when every person presents tribute and honor to her mother and also show their love and the place of the mother in the heart as she is the one who not only take care of her child but also support her child and she has dignified and important role in her family and also in a society. She is the person who makes hard efforts to make her child a good human being as possible so that her child may positively contribute in the society and she develop the character and personality of her child so one cannot deny her role. This occasion is celebrated on different days across the world. Depending on different tradition and culture it is celebrated in various ways like in Ethiopia the mother’s day is a part of their Antrosht festival which is a three days festival and all the members of the family gather on this festival and eat a large feast and give tribute to their mother by singing and dancing together and in Mexico flowers is must while Thai people gather at Queen palace and present tribute to the queen and also present white Jasmine to their mother as they think that it is the symbol of maternal love.. In some countries this day is declares as official holiday.

Importance of Mother’s day in Pakistan:

As majority of the Muslims lives in Pakistan so they know the respect and value of the mother as every Muslim believe in Islam and Islam clearly identify the role of mother and also emphasize on her importance in the improvement of the society and according to Islam if you want to achieve success in your life you have to respect your mother. In Pakistan there is a great respect of parents as because our cultural and tradition teach us to respect your parents and always be thankful to them.  Not only Muslims the non-Muslim in Pakistan because their tradition they give great respect to their mothers and celebrate this day with big celebrations. But still there is a need to raise more and more the value and importance of mother and that’s why now in Pakistan mother’s day is also celebrated with courage and Great Spirit.

History of mother’s day:

If we look at the history of mother’s day it basically go back to ancient Greek and Romans who celebrate it by giving tribute to the mother of Gods , Rhea. Then in Europe it was celebrated to give honor to the mother church and in England the people honor their mother of Christ known as mothering Sunday and then people started to give honor to both of them. After that Julia started promoting an idea for ‘mother’s day for peace’ because of war at that time and then Anna Jarvis make a lot of efforts and introduces the mother’s day for the first time and after that mother’s day international association was established which started to promote this concept and then slowly this concept spread across the world and now about 40 countries celebrate this day on different days with huge celebrations and it is also declare as official holiday in some countries to allow the people to enjoy with their mother and spend most of the time with their mother so in this way the role and value of the mother will be raised in the society.

Author: Muniba Mazar – Pakistan

sourcephoto: pinterest


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