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Multiple stabbing in Japan!

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Multiple stab wounds in Japan

Residents of Japan are completely shocked at the moment. 19 people were stabbed and at least 26 other innocent people were injured during an attack plotted by a person totally disgusting. Things did not end there because the people who were attacked today were actually cripples people, ie they had mental and physical. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is the tragedy we looked at today, this man followed the men innocent and killed them because their shortcomings.

Suspect’s name is Satoshi Uematsu. Earlier this year he was “hospitalized” in a mental hospital because he sent a letter to a government official who asked to end their suffering by killing disabled people. After receiving the letter the suspect was arrested and sent to a hospital where she was evaluated mentally. Due to lack of evidence he was released after only a few months this tragedy came in the form of multiple stab wounds.

After being caught he told police that “it would be better if people would disappear infirm.” A second reason is thought that he was fired a few days ago. He worked at the facility in which he committed the crime. He was 26 years, and while working in a facility Mental where care for people crippled, people said he never liked what he was doing, he even says that sometimes not fed, sometimes does not stick into account at all, and there is a rumor that says that he actually beat him for no reason. But because there was no evidence the manager decided he would not take action against him.

After committing this horrible crime he was handed over to police. Now he is in custody, and although he admitted that he did everything, people have reported that he is very happy punishment he received. According to some witnesses, he said that “I am happy because we did a good of this world.”

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