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New options on Android Wear!

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The users will now be able to use a few Android watches as spy tools

Android wear got a huge update recently which added some much anticipated features – particularly if you’re the owner of a recent model.

The good news is; Android Wear is including speaker support which will allow you to spy incoming calls from your wrist.

Presently, this feature is solely available on 2 watches which is the ASUS Zen watch-2 & the Huawai Watch – however the future models are likely to come with this feature built in.

In the meantime, Google is developing voice support for sending texts. Whilst previously it was generally just restricted to texts, you’ll now be able to send text messages using applications like Next Plus, Google Hangouts, Viber, We-Chat, WhatsApp & Telegram.

Lastly, Google will also be adding support for some extra gestures. A down push onto the watch will enlarge a card, shaking your wrist will return you towards home screen while lifting your wrist will open up the apps menu.

Author: Kapil

sourcephoto: pinterest


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