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A new strategy to attract fans!

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A New Type of Stars

When you think of stars you obviously think about these people which live on high pedestals and are being admired from all sides by millions. Basically you think about them as jewelry, meta-humans. This is the way stars are perceived in the world nowadays, but in a strange twist a new type of stars has emerged from the darkness. 15 girls walk onto the stage, thousands of cheers and applauds accompany them, the crowd goes wild. Seems pretty standard doesn’t it? Well there are a couple of major differences. The first and most important one is the fact that these 15 girls are not professionals, not even close.

They are called the yangchengxi, term which basically means “those who are nurtured”, and they are exactly the opposite of what you’d expect from a star nowadays. They are rookies, basically they lack the very thing that makes the stars “stars”, and that is talent. You might be wondering “If they lack talent then why are they always cheered and applauded when they’re on stage?” Well the answer is also the 2nd major difference between them and traditional stars. They are not considered to be aliens from outer space which need to be venerated every time they are making their presence known. They are just ordinary girls that all have different personalities and different traits. This is where the appeal comes. Every girl has something different about her, which is why there is an incredibly high chance you’ll end up relating a lot to that girl.

For example there’s Xu Zixuan, an 18 year old which is known for her sense of humor and love of video games. If you prefer kind hearted shyer girls then you’ll definitely prefer to look at Yi Jiaai, a 21 year old girl which is known for her kindness towards her fans. Between songs during a performance all the idols stop to discuss their own personal topics, out of which some are requested by their fans and some are requested by the studio. These questions usually either have something in common with recent events but they can also go as far as personal friendships with other idols or their favorite films.

Although this may seem like a very easy job to do, one which any young pretty girl could do, it is actually very difficult to maintain. Most girls get replaced very easily if they cannot attract enough people and maintain them. Because of this around 13/15 girls from the yangchengxi don’t make it into the industry. Although it may seem pretty sad it’s all about business, which means that more and more of the girls have to either overreact either lie about their interests and opinions just to make sure they can attract enough people.

Also this doesn’t really pay the bills as much as you’d expect. The girls usually make barely enough to feed themselves, so they only have 1 choice: either get big either quit.

Author: Radu Ivanovici

sourcephoto: pinterest


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