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Nigeria / Young seller killed by thugs!

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A sales boy, Akeem Tajudeen, has been stabbed to death in Ilaje Otumara, in the Iponri area of Lagos State, by some hoodlums.

It was reported that 23-year-old Akeem was stabbed on Monday with a knife by one Abeeb, who allegedly claimed that Akeem came to a birthday party on Saturday in the neighbouring Olokodana area, when he was not invited.

It was gathered that Akeem, who hailed from Ilorin, Kwara State, was killed on Monday around 9pm.

It was gathered that the hoodlums trailed him to his house and “punished him for daring to gatecrash our party.”

It was learnt that there was tension in the area as the hoodlums also injured two other youths before fleeing the community.

The matter was said to have been reported at the Iponri Police Division.

It was reported that a manhunt had been launched by the police for runaway Abeeb, whose parents had also fled from their house to evade arrest.

A possible eyewitness noted that, “The party Akeem and his friends went for was on Saturday in Olokodana. At the party, Abeeb, one Austin and other hoodlums challenged them for attending the birthday party, but they settled it and left.

“But on Monday, the same Abeeb went to Ilaje Otumara, and started a fight with some boys. Akeem was spotted and Abeeb stabbed him with a knife in the chest, saying he gatecrashed their party on Saturday. The boy slumped and was left in a pool of blood.

“We tried to arrest Abeeb, but he stabbed two other youths before he escaped.

“When policemen from Iponri came, Abeeb and his gang members had escaped from the scene. His parents have also relocated due to fear of arrest.”

Akeem’s father, Tajudeen Owonikoko, an inter-state driver, said he received the sad news on the telephone while at work.

He added that the police should fish out the killer of his son and bring him to justice.

He said, “Akeem is my only son. He was not a troublesome boy. I was at work on Monday when they called me that someone had stabbed him to death.

“My wife has been hospitalised since that Monday. I want the police to arrest the killer of Akeem. I want him to be brought to justice because he has thrown my family into mourning.”

Akeem had been buried on Tuesday.

This report again raises the issue of the role parents and guardians have in training children and teenagers. One wonders why a party will lead to the death of a young man. It simply shows that there are eroded values and no life priorities among many young people. It is hoped that this report serves a s a lesson to young people and parents to always recall the higher values in life. Thus, attending a party ought not to be a do-or-die affair.

Author: Tubonemi – Nigeria

sourcephoto: cnn


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