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Night vision goggles

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Tis goggles provide the typical night imaging which carries green light in darkness.

But the important thing is, they also offer a thermal imaging feature making warm blooded figures lighten up just like they’re on fire. This makes it very easy to identify them at bigger distances & with minimal movement.

At 2lbs, the unit mounted with helmet can be heavier as compared to 1.2lbs AN/PVS 14 regular night vision device, states PEO Soldiers portfolio. The units of ENVG that could work for around 8 hours are quite expensive as well.

Since, the soldiers like to monitor the enemy first, few individuals that are presently using ENVG proved effective enough of producing that benefit. On a number of occasions while the testing was on, the side that was equipped with the night vision upgrade came first while spotting the rival.

This kind of technology was being used almost 2 years ago at the AEWE, however not the previous year prompting the army to inquire why not, said Harry Lubin, the chief of the Live Experiment Branch in the Maneuver Battle Lab.

Author: Kapil

Source Foto: miniinthebox


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