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Do not fall for handsome stranger!

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Chinese governments are known to get their message across to the people in intuitive ways. This week which is being celebrated as the National Security Week – a particular poster became the center of attention and ridicule in equal measures.

The particular poster tells us about a story of a working woman who is a responsible Chinese citizen and works a very competitive government job where she gets to know plenty of state secrets. One day, the girl in the poster meets a handsome foreigner who is charming and wonderful company. This foreigner introduces himself as a scholar and deeply convinces the heroine to fall in love with her. A few weeks of courtship and the girl is fully in love with our handsome foreigner. Now the foreigner guy asks for a few secrets of the state terming them as a necessity for his education project. The righteous girl who by now has let her guard down, tells the guy state secrets. The next morning the handsome foreigner is no more. His job is done and now he is back to the original country as he was a spy. The girl is extremely upset and goes to the authorities who explain to her that he was a spy and was always working to get the state secrets. Now she is in trouble and gets arrested.

Xiao Li – the heroine of the story has nothing but regret now and she has been used by a spy to obtain important secrets of the state.

Even in the public, the cartoon campaign has been seen as a joke. Beijing happens to attract a wide variety of foreigners and expats meaning that many Chinese people have partners who are not born within the country. Although this is simply a softer message, the Chinese government in the past has been known to maintain iron fists when and if required. Huang Yu, who was sentenced to death earlier for releasing state secret, was also shown on the State TV channel during the same week.

The idea of foreign spies going around China snooping for secrets is very old and it continues to remain a source of campaigns for the Chinese officials. How many of the handsome foreigners are actual spies is something that we won’t ever find out but as of now, the State wants most of the people to keep their guard up. Too much security can’t be a bad thing, certainly, not in the People’s Republic of China.

Author: Zak Hades – Serbia

source photo: pinterst


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