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Organized crime in Jamaica

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Greetings!! Jamaica Urban Legend here to tell you the latest on what is happening in my homeland Jamaica!! In Jamaica a man that has been wanted by the police following operations that took place in the parish of St. Catherine, Spanish Town. This man goes by the name of Kemar Thompson, known by his nickname “Gatlin” or “Spider-man” of Pineapple Lane, Bog Walk t about midday, detectives from the St Catherine Major Investigation Task Force (MIT) and the Organized Crime Investigation Division (OCID) were conducting operations in the Spanish Town business district and surrounding communities, when Thompson was seen and taken into custody. Thompson was wanted for several crimes committed in the St Catherine North Division and appeals made over the past week for him to turn himself in to the police. He will be questioned in the presence of his attorney, with a view to bringing charges against him later this week, the police said. Now this is a very dangerous man that committed crimes in various parishes and has defied calls to turn himself in. Hopefully with his capture, there will be one less person out there in Jamaica that will endanger the lives of innocent, Jamaican citizens.

Crime sadly is a serious problem that Jamaicans face today, despite the presence of the police and even the military, things seem to get worse. But even as it worsens, Jamaicans are becoming far more vigilant and stronger, not weaker in facing this crime monster. Crime in this country stems from a place known as the inner-city or garrison communities, these are communities that are often shunned and ignored, at our own peril. The children that are raised there will witness persons who are constantly and literally at war with each other, these children will grow up and adopt the same practices as those men.

These children have lost fathers, brothers and even friends to gun violence, and they simply have nowhere to turn to and seek solace. It’s a very vicious cycle indeed, however it is a cycle that can defeated if we put in the required effort. That effort means that we must go into these communities and counsel the boys that live there, I personally have had been to such communities and while it wasn’t pretty, it made me far for appreciative of the live I have and how important it was to reach out to them and let them know that we care and love them. It is of the utmost importance to take of our neighbors and those closest to us, no one must be neglected and treated as less than. I hope that you the reader will have the same mentality, to go out into your communities and help those who can no longer help themselves, it matters not what are and where you come from, if you have the mentality to go out and change the miserable conditions people are living in, the world may be little bit better, So enjoy your day!

Author: Ricardo – Jamaica

source foto: pinterest


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