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Pakistan and India are on the brink of nuclear war!

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The Nuclear Neighbors: A case study of continuous hate.
STAFF REPORT: Systematic hate is a curse – a curse that has far reaching impact and something that takes generations and still manages to survive. It definitely becomes an instrument – an instrument of war that can only go from bad to worse. It stops people from liking each other. It makes them hate each other without even knowing or understanding. At times it often closes the doors and in the modern world that we live in, that takes an effort doing.

The case of Pakistan and India is one that should remind nations all over the world on serious lessons of systematic hate and the far reaching implications that it can cause. The two countries are like twins – twins in a way that they share their past and were formed a few seconds apart from each other. The difference though emerged from day one, for it was a difficult birth formed over countless dead bodies and blood. Both of the countries even chose separate independence days for each other although technically the announcement was made at midnight however the decision to remove the colonial control was made days, if not months ago. That’s how different they’ve been trying to become from each other since their inception.

Every few months, almost all through their history they have found something to fight about. When I say months, it isn’t even an exaggeration as this has been the case. The partition as it was called – the event when both these countries gained independence from their former colonial masters, Great Britain – was one of the most bloodies events in the history of mankind. The division was such that people had to migrate – it was a division based on religion – and Hindus had to migrate to India and Muslims had to migrate to Pakistan from many places. That led to unprecedented violence and violence where both the countries put the blame on the other. People died, millions of them, and the sole focus from both the countries was pointing fingers at each other stating who started it first. Human life has rarely gotten any value in human history, sadly.

The 21st century promised to be a new dawn for both the countries. The generation that saw the initial violence straight after the partition had literally disappeared from positions of power. The new generation was supposed to bring piece, a new rhetoric in troubled lands, and a promise of prosperity to millions of people at both sides of the border but unfortunately that ideology seems to not work here. The countries continue to find reasons to play the blame game and fuel the fire of hatred. The same blame game that started some 70 years ago, the same blame game that saw nothing but splattered human organs and ton of blood on the streets.

All it takes is one misfortunate event, and instantly the fire starts again. This week it happened in a form of a terrorist attack on an Indian Army base (Urri Base in Kashmir) that resulted in all the hate to come out. As soon as the attack took place, the Indian media pointed a finger towards Pakistan, not only the media, senior politicians joined the game and the floodgates of hate were opened. This is the modern world – you can open your computer, go to some social media site and disburse your hate cannons easily without any check and balance. There was talk from both sets of people about nuking each other and eliminating them from the face of the Earth – funny that neither understood how deadly a nuclear attack can be and how it will impact the whole planet.

For years, I’ve thought that the hate can be controlled and that these people on both sides of the border understand that wars bring nothing but misery. But maybe I’m mistaken. Maybe I live in the bubble in my head. The voice that tells me that wars bring nothing but misery is probably just mine and has nothing to do with how the world works. Maybe the people of these two countries have been drenched in hate for so long that they have stopped feeling anything nice for each other. Maybe they will only be satisfied if they nuke each other to oblivion (doing such will definitely result in a nuclear winter for countries as far as Europe and will have a global impact on life as we see it).

Europe was the same years ago, there were broken country states, hate, and all the more there was no direction. Years ago a few people made some right decisions and now we have a chance to live a different life. It took a couple of great tragedies to reach to this conclusion as history isn’t a thing that we learn from easily.

The point that I make is that there are sane voices (I hope) on both sides of the border. Probably they need to be in places where they can be heard. Probably they need to become louder. One third of the world’s population lives in those two countries alone – for the sake of all of us, they need to get their act together.

Don’t propagate hate based agenda people, the repercussions for such an act are deeper than we can ever imagine. Give peace a chance. Seriously.

Author: Zak Hades – Serbia

sourcephoto: pinterest


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