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Pakistan / How to Make a Recycled Product Borehole!

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There are several items that can be recycled to make useful items. Pakistan being a developing country has taken this as an opportunity with both hands to create some useful and unique stuff that could be used in multiple ways. So here we will talk about a fishing equipment that was invented in Karachi which is going to indicate you whether fishes have taken a bite or not. So let’s quickly move on to the details.

To start off building a Bite indicator you would require the following stuff:

1. Buzzer
2. Lithium 3V Battery
3. Metal Strips
4. Connectors
5. Small Colorful Light Bulbs
6. Empty Dot Matrix Printer Cartridge
7. Some Makeshift Thing to Hold Battery
8. Soldering Iron
9. Good Quality Thin, Coated Wire

In order to make a bite indicator you need to make a circuit. Don’t worry it’s not that difficult as its just basic science. Just follow the instructions to ensure that you have got it the right way.

Just join the wires as they have been done in the diagram. If you are not able to do so then you can also take the circuit diagram and material to an electrician and he could do this step for you. A person with a electronic background can do this step easily. The bottom line of this step is that when the both the mettle strips touch each other the light and the buzzer gets alive.

Once you are done with this step you are all set to go and use it. You need to place the contraption resolutely on the ground. You need to make sure that you have placed the contraption right underneath the line. Try leaving a little distance from the reel in order to get better results.

Before putting on the device on to the line you have to fine-tune the line by pulling all the loose lines. Once you are done with now it’s time to place the line in the plastic hook of the device. Once you have placed the device on the line you may adjust the metal plates for best possible results.

The alarm is going to go on once the line is pulled by the fish and you can pull the line at that moment. It is one of the best fishing accessory because it not only indicates you with sound but with its strong lights you can know when to pull the string. Strong light is useful especially at night because of its strong lights. It can still be improved by using different techniques. Now it’s up to you how you improve this amazing piece of fishing accessory.

Author: Raghav Hegde – India

Source photo: cloudinary.com



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