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Pakistan prohibits the day of St. Valentine !!

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Many areas of Pakistan have been blessed with the season’s first snowfall on the 11th of February, 2016. The recorded snowfall in one day has been 12 inches in many cities like Abbotabad. Margla Hills of Islamabad have seen the first snow fall in 10 years and the city is just exuberant and joyful. But in many remote areas where snowfall is a very rare phenomenon people have been trapped inside their houses and transportation has been heavily affected due to lack of preparations; the snow was a surprise and the cities were not prepared for the streets being blocked because normally it doesn’t snow in those areas.

But all things aside, Pakistan has been engulfed in a wave of cold weather, just people thought the cold subsiding; it is back in full force. This means that people can make a cup of chai, snuggle in a warm blanket with that special one and probably leave a window open in order to snuggle closer. And that too just in time for Valentine’s Day on Sunday the 14th of February. It’s almost as if the universe had planned. Oh, Mother Nature, you are generous, but people aren’t.

The government of Pakistan is trying to ban Valentine’s Day celebrations!

“What? Did I read that right?”

Yes, yes you did!

The government is making efforts to ban Valentine’s Day celebrations, but can one really ban what goes on behind closed doors? There is no underestimating the Pakistani government and how enthusiastically they can pursue unimportant issues.

According to reports, Valentine’s Day celebrations are being banned in Pakistan’s capital city of Islamabad. Electronic media reports claimed that the federal capital had banned production of any Valentine’s Day greeting cards, presents etc. The city administration had also reportedly banned any organization, individual or corporation/ business for holding Valentine’s Day celebrations, promotional sales/ events etc. Allegedly, the interior ministry had directed Islamabad Capital Administration (ICT) to execute a ban on all VD celebrations. However, reports were denied by ICT officers regarding the order on Valentine’s Day ban.

But now reports again arise about Sindh provincial government taking acts against Valentine’s Day celebrations. According to electronic media reports published earlier on this week, the Sindh government has banned swimming in the beaches of Karachi on Valentine’s Day after imposing Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure.

The home department issued a notification on Friday, 12th of February, stating that swimming on all beaches of Karachi will be banned on Sunday, 14th of February.

“Police and law enforcement agencies will take action against those who violate the order,” stated home minister Sohail Anwar Siyal in discussion with the media.

The aforementioned notification issued by the home department imposed that the beaches of Karachi always seen an increased number of people during Valentine’s Day, with a large fraction of the people taking part in swimming, thus making it difficult for coast guards to regulate the beaches, resulting is loss possible loss of human lives. Well, that one way to put it.

Author: Adam Fiaz – USA

sourcephoto: pinterest


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