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Pakistan/ Shopping in Centaurus

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Shopping in Pakistan is a difficult thing – especially for someone like me who is very much skeptical about crowds and long traffic queues. A couple of weeks ago, when we were in Islamabad (the wife and me), we required to get some things that made it necessary for us to shop. Normally we both are the sort of people who do not relish an opportunity to go shopping but being in Islamabad and hearing about the new mall called Centaurus, it was too good an opportunity to not miss. We picked Sunday to be the D-Day where we would go shopping. As much as the mall is spectacular and really something that stands out, a few things were noticeable for me. The parking was extremely difficult with too many people coming to shop on Sunday (our mistake, if we had known that, we would never go there).Security situation in Pakistan is such that most malls have comprehensive and detailed security checks making traffic flow difficult. It seemed an eternity but finally we managed to sneak in.The mall is world class and probably will fit easily in Stockholm let alone Islamabad. It caters for a diverse range of shoppers and covers many famous brands. Not for a single moment did we feel that we are outside Europe and looking for stuff in Pakistan.In a way, Centaurus is a great addition when it comes to shopping experience. A great place to shop: http://www.thecentaurus.com/Author: Zak Hades – Serbia

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