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Pakistani Christians problems in society!

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Issue of Christians in Pakistan

As Christians are known as the minority group in Pakistan they are given all the rights to practice their religion, but in some areas and places they face some problems and issues.

We cannot discuss all the issues of Christianity, but will discuss some of the serious issues which should be noticed by the government so that they can live a happy and satisfied life in Pakistan.

Some people in Pakistan who are known as extremists have religious discrimination issue and due to which problems arise.

Case of sunny murder:

As a 22 years old Christian boy started his job and was identified by the name of sunny, sunny met a person named Umar Farooq he was a guard at an Islamic center who forced sunny to convert his religion to Islam as the sunny refused to do so he was killed just two days before the Good Friday. As according to the last words of sunny he was the stick follower of Jesus and will not convert his religion.

Dismissed from the job- belong to a minority group:

The case incident in Gujrat where a Christian man named Naveed Maqsood got a job of a driver in a government school, according to the law of government that some of the seats are reserved for the minorities, the main issue arises as the principal of the school doesn’t like Christians and blocked the salary of this driver, then he took his case in the court where he didn’t get justice and was dismissed from his job.

Change in divorce law:

As the members of the Pakistan Christian National Party raised an issue that the law of divorce for Christians should be changed, as in Pakistan the divorce is allowed among the Christian spouse only in the case of adultery.

Inheritance issue:

The members of the Pakistan Christian National Party require a separate law of inheritance for the minority group according to their point of view female should have a separate share in the property.

Death of a Christian father- defending his daughters:

The minority group is not safe from extremists as they get killed or murdered by the Muslim owners if they raise their voice for justice, as in Islamabad a Christian father who work in a brick factory was humiliated, threatened and killed by the nephew of his owner in defending his daughters against them.

Part of Sindh provisional government:

The members of PCC said that Christian should be the part of Sindh government, the NGO’s working under the PCC held a press conference in which they said that the reserved seats in parliament for minorities only one belong to Christians according to their point of view PPP is ignoring them.


After discussing some of the issues of minority, as a reader, I come to the point that the minority group should have equal rights in the society as we have as a Muslim, they must be respected and should not be killed due any reason. So that they can live a fearless life and can take part in the progress of our country.

Author: Muniba Mazar – Pakistan

source photo: cnn


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