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Protest for women’s rights in USA !

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With an attendance of 2.9 million people in Washington D.C., the Women’s March on Washington took place on January 21, 2017 and became the biggest protest ever held in United States history. Not only was the march held in Washington but sister marches were held in all continents of the world in solidarity with the Women’s March on Washington. People from all continents, even Antarctica, showed that they care women’s rights and don’t want ignorant politicians like Trump taking them away. While the rally was to protest for women’s rights, it was just as much a rally that protested Donald Trump as the President of the Free World a.k.a. United States.

People of all ages, genders, ethnicities, cultures and religions participated in what culminated to be a global phenomenon! Without considering anything else, the fact that millions of people from all continents of the world came together on a global scale to stand up for women’s rights is a phenomenon in itself; it’s a monumental moment in history and proves that there is still lots of hope in a world where people like Donald Trump are leading the Free World. Some people debate on the effectiveness of the rally and the answer lies in the fact that this march affected not only national media but the entire global media. For a few days, all people knew was that are people out on the streets who support and are ready to fight for the rights of others and that sends a positive message and hope to every single person on the planet. Not to mention the outpour of support from people on social media from countries where the rally wasn’t held. Those who couldn’t join the march because it wasn’t held in their area, they showed their support on social media by sharing pictures of brave yet peaceful protestors, sharing positive messages and making hashtags related to the rally trend on all social media platforms.

Many creative signs from the march also became viral on the internet, proving that one can make a change peacefully, without violence, all the while having a positive perspective. Earlier during his messy presidential campaign, an old video tape of Donald Trump was unearthed where he was documented making lucrative remarks about women and how likes to “grab them by their [genitalia]” because he is a celebrity and apparently that kind of behavior is valid if you’re a celebrity. Not did this prompt people to accuse him of being a repeat sex offender, this particular statement also inspired many signs at the women’s really.

A lot of signs were photographed saying “P**sy Bites Back” or “P**sy is angry”; inappropriate yet completely fitting the occasion. Other more serious sings were captured saying “Women’s rights are human rights”, “grab them by the patriarchy” and “keep your patriarchy away from my uterus” (this coming from women who were campaigning against Trump’s anti-abortion ideology and campaigning FOR their reproductive rights).

People claim, and we sincerely hope, that this rally is just the start and that everyone can stand together and brave the coming cruel four years of a Trump presidency that will not only affect the United States but will have a major global impact also.

Author: Adam Fiaz – USA

sourcephoto: nytimes


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