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Raw food diets!

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Are you looking for a perfect diet? Well, there is no such thing as the perfect diet. Several studies have shown that there are few best foods that really help you in losing your weight. These key foods work for different reasons in different ways, but all foods have in common that millions of peoples who eat them as part of a weight loss plan. Also, peoples who are using these foods are losing their weight faster as compared to those peoples who don’t eat these foods. Here in this article in am going to share with you 5 best slimming foods. So I will hope that these foods really help you in losing your weight.


There is a well-known term for apples which is “Take an apple a day keep the fat pants away”. Apple is a perfect snack with high weight busting fiber and high weight water content. A medium apple contains approximately 85% water with five grams of soluble fiber which makes this fruit snacking powerhouse.

Tip>>As Commercial apples retain more pesticide so that’s why organic apples worth the extra cost.  Also, organic apples contain half amount of fiber, and most of the vitamin C, iron, and magnesium. So obviously you can eat apples to get the full slimming benefits.

Low Fat Yogurt

Other dairy products and yogurt are not weight loss bullets. However, there is some truth in advertising. A recent research has shown that any person who is on dieting and eating about three servings of yogurt daily lost twice weight as compared to other weight losing foods. But why this happens? Calcium combined with other compounds found in yogurt and as a result, it slows down the process of making fast and increases fat burning.

Tip>> If you want to lose your weight gradually then you need to use more low fat yogurt. You can easily get the slimming benefits without the added sugar of flavored yogurts.


You might surprise after learning that fish tops vegetables and oatmeal in the satiety department. The Australian satiety index ranks steamed white fish such as cod and halibut as the number 1 filling food out of 300 weight losing foods. Also, a recent study showed that people eat 11% less at dinner after eating fish. Also fish is rich in protein and it reduced the calorie.

Tip>> For adding some flavor in fish, try to use soy sauce, ginger or lime.


In these days, walnuts and Almonds have been getting all glory, but don’t discredit peanuts because peanuts are commonly the nut in America. Several researches at Purdue University shown that peanut eaters are more likely to maintain weight, even if given as many peanuts as they want. We have tried a lot to isolate different components of the peanuts for the purpose of determining what makes it so filling says Richard Mattes, a nut researcher at Purdue. “Richard Mattes also said that but there is something very special about whole peanuts packages”

Tip>> Look for single-serving sizes at drug stores and convenience stores because calories do count.


Eggs may be a key to keeping you full because eggs are a great source of protein. A recent research found that peoples who ate two eggs in breakfast, approximately they took 400 fewer calories over the next 24 hours. This study also proved the hypothesis that eating eggs induce higher satiety and as a result, eggs keep the subject fuller for longer. However this was only a one day study, regularly eating eggs ma have long-term weight management benefits.

Tip>> For a big and healthier egg, peoples are improving the hen food by adding alfalfa, canola oil, sea kelp and rice bran. I recommend you to try Egg Land’s best eggs because these best eggs contain Vitamin E along with omega 3 fatty acids and less saturated fat as compared to regular eggs.

Author: Abdul Waly – Pakistan

sourcephoto: pinterst


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