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Russia launches a robot destroyer!

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Russia Unveils a New Killer Robot Which Can Detect Humans More Than 4 Miles Away & Kill Them in an Instance with a Gun

The new device is supposed to be set up at the international border & could be utilized from anything starting from spotting low-flying drones all the way to targeting automobiles which are 6 miles away.

The robot can be used mostly for detecting low-flying drones in addition to other possible aerial weapons that are looking to cross the border. It’ll also monitor the actual location of such drones to get more info in regards to their origin as well as keep an eye on their movement, prior to sending all the info to the army base.

Major features of this Flight robot comprise thermal imaging, radar technology as well as both black and white and color cams.

According to Dmitry Perminov, who is the chief engineer of this project: “In its built there’s a radar section that spots a target: humans – from the distance of around 7kilometer, & the vehicle up to 10kilometer.”

The final program aims to being able to identify the difference between enemies & allies.

Author: Kapil

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